Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Madness.

Our government has gone from dysfunctional to non-functional in half a year. By any metric it is a big pile of failure and even those who think 45 is awesome have to understand that by now. It's a madhouse and it needs to stop. Hopefully full implosion is imminent and then we can try and rebuild the American life raft . . . Ciao.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Headline from Reuters: "Americans want US goods, but not willing to pay more." That sums it up. When pressed most Americans will say the same thing about most anything. Green energy is great, but too expensive. Recycle and reuse is wonderful, but too much work. Higher minimum wage is wonderful, but hurts business owners. Social welfare is critical, but costs too much. Education is the key to the future, but the taxes to pay for it are too much to bear. And on and on it goes. We are a greedy lot. We know the right things to do, but we are either too greedy or too lazy to them. We want the cake and then another slice for ourselves. Americans are famous for throwing "other people" under the bus. Here in my neighborhood people will not vote for a tiny tax increase so that my daughter's school can get a new furnace and roof before winter. Very few are willing to sacrifice a dime or a minute of time for the greater good in this nation and that is something that is left out of the American narrative. A lot of people like to blame government, a few bad apples or corporations for the woes this nation faces while simultaneously praising the general goodness of the American people. Bullshit. America is the the way it is because of the people. Doing the right thing and being a citizen with the general welfare as a guiding principle is just not in our DNA. We are programmed to be consumers, to be drones and in our downtime we want what we think is rightfully ours and damn the rest.

I'm as guilty of that as anyone else and it will take a complete breakdown of this society before our avarice and selfishness fades away. We cooperate in this nation because we are compelled to by law and too keep our pieces of cake safe. It is a sick state of mind and one we have exported to the rest of the world. Ciao.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I have always had a healthy respect for the law. Well, not until I settled down and not until I became utterly frightened by most law enforcement officials. My respect for the police is out of pants-shitting fear that I could be shot for no good reason by an unhinged maniac who has had a bad day or life. I know the spiel - "Most officers are good folks" and "You're more likely to be hit by a car than gunned down by a cop." Ask a Black person about that or anyone with an accent and you'll get a much different take on reality. Right now the big news about the police is that a couple officers in Minneapolis killed a 40 year old Australian woman who had phoned in a sexual assault that was happening in her neighborhood. The thing that has this incident all over the news is that she was well off, white and in a good hood. That in itself is telling because there have been plenty of wrongful death cases this year involving the Black community, but to really get people up in arms it takes a wholesome white death. The officers did not have their cameras on and there is not a whole lot information available about the case yet. I'm certain that Minneapolis officials are going to be very careful in how they proceed with the case and how they present it to the public. I think that it can be explained fairly easily: In any given workplace there is a relatively large percentage of humans who do not do their job very well and it is no different down at your local precinct. Something was a little "off" during this incident and one or both of the officers panicked and pulled the trigger. It's that simple and that's why I avoid the police as much as possible as well as avoiding dangerous situations in the public sphere.

The heartbreaking part of it all is that Black bodies can be piled in mountains and the perception is that somehow they deserved it. But when a suburban white is shot down its the crime of the century. Racism is our biggest social issue in this nation because Blacks and Hispanics do not "count" when it comes to poverty, profiling, health care, education and the rest of the things that most white folk take for granted. It's disgusting. Ciao.