Sunday, November 19, 2017

No Nukes.

Air Force General John Hyten is the commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, which means he is in charge of our nuclear arsenal. He also may be the most important person in the world right now. While at an International Security Forum in Canada this week he made it clear that no illegal order demanding a nuclear strike would ever be carried out. He in essence was assuring us and the rest of the world that 45 cannot just start lobbing nukes without following all accepted protocols. But the subtext of the General's words was clear - the military will not blindly follow the president. It is reassuring to hear and something I have discussed numerous times in private. There is no way that highly trained and skilled personnel are going to do what King Cheeto says when push come to shove. They will rebel and refuse insane orders. At least we should all hope so. The president is crazy and given his proclivity for crazy behavior I think that the military higher ups know that they can ignore him without risking their careers. In fact they would be hailed as heroes by most of the world. Ciao.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Culture War.

It is easy to see that America is in the midst of an extreme culture war. I am going to go further and say that we are close to an outright civil war. It does not take much imagination to render an immediate future where people start killing each other in the public sphere due to differing belief systems. It has already begun in some circumstances and there is no denying that there are particular demographic groups that are targeted by the system of power in this nation. I had an interesting conversation with a group of relatively well-to-do women the other day and one perspective that was offered shocked me. One woman said that we must find dialogue and reconciliation with the insane right wingers. I could tell she was hedging her bets and probably had some conservative leanings of her own (all rich people do.) That's when I drew my line in the sand. There is no changing their minds or a magic machine we can use to make the lunatics into decent people. When they support child molesters and monsters there is no turning back. There is no bridge. But there is also no bridge to those who are defending Al Franken. I have seen some crazy shit come out of the liberal camp designed to lessen the impact of what he did. He did do bad things and people need to accept that those they support on either side of the culture war are equally capable of being awful humans who must be taken to task for their actions. If a person is a sexual predator of any kind they should be punished for their actions. There is no place for it in society, period. If your belief system does not have that built in then your system is fucked.

That is why America is doomed. People believe they are right no matter what and let anger or hate direct them when challenged. We have made a very inflexible society based upon dubious assumptions and precepts. And we will pay for it and we are paying for it . . . Ciao.

Friday, November 17, 2017


While many spent yesterday rushing to condemn or defend their particular flavor of sexual abuse scandals on social media the House managed to pass the cobbled together mess otherwise known as the Tax Reform Legislation. There is no question that it is a corporate giveaway, that it will further erode the Middle Class and with the Health Care Mandate thrown in it will hurt millions of households by chopping apart the Affordable Care Act. The only staunch defenders of the legislation are investors and corporations. They will get a huge payday if this madness gets passed and whenever something benefits the rich this much you have to know that it will hurt most of this nation's citizens. And it will also hurt our government's bottom line. The corporate giveaway will finally kill off any notion that the GOP is about fiscal responsibility. The money lost in tax revenue will balloon the deficit and that cash will never trickle down or back. It will go offshore and be put through the Wall Street washing machine making the rich even richer. While these are all "knowns" the damned thing is weaving its way closer to reality. It signals a dark future ahead and the full ramifications of it all may not be felt until many of these idiots are long gone from public office. The entire system is broken and unless there is a tidal wave of change next year in the Midterms or enough inaction to stop anything from being passed America is essentially doomed. I place most of the blame on Americans. The White, gun loving, Jesus sucking, inbred variety who are in love with hate I blame the most. But I also blame the fence sitting, self satisfied fucks who are not willing to stand up against the tide.

I have seen normalization happen this past year. There are only a handful of people left in my social media feeds who are truly against it all and willing to fight. We are damaged as a nation and most are either doing the damage or unwilling to fight. Ciao.