Friday, September 15, 2017

Getting Closer.

North Korea is willing to take their case further than I could have imagined a few years ago. It just feels like something horrible is getting closer and closer. At some point a military response is going to happen and who knows what will happen or how that scenario will turn out. There is no telling. I can say that when I got the BBC notification yesterday that Japanese officials told citizens to seek shelter that I almost got sick. For a moment I thought that Japan was targeted and I was hugely relieved to find out otherwise. This waiting for doomsday shit is terrifying - welcome to Earth in 2017. It's a mess. Just ask a Syrian, Iraqi or anyone in the current war zones. They already know what it will be like for the rest of us . . . Ciao.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Will They?

Health care is one of the most divisive issues in this nation and there are currently three plans being kicked around in Congress. The GOP idiots want to provide states with block grants to create their own versions of a system. That means dismantling the Affordable Health Care Act and leaving the fate of millions in the hands of each state's version of what insurance coverage would look like. That sounds great of the state you live in has a progressive and intelligent vision for the future. But it also means that there would be fifty different versions that may not be compatible. It would be a logistical nightmare and would confuse an already confusing mess. The second vision for health care they are working on would be a compromise where the ACA stands, but is modified and propped up until a better solution is found. More kicking the can down the road, but at least what stands now would still be viable (or semi-viable) for the next calendar year. The best idea is the one doomed to fail out of the gate. Bernie Sanders is introducing legislation to provide expanded Medicare coverage to ALL Americans, the universal coverage and opportunity that would be a step towards a system of health care that is enjoyed by the rest of the industrialized world. It will not have a chance, yet the media is presenting it as a viable option since the GOP cannot seem to get it together and draft anything coherent to replace the ACA. The more bizarre turn of events this past week is that 45 seems willing to work on a few things with the Democrats since the GOP has not provided him with easy wins on anything big.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if King Cheeto ended up fucking over the GOP out of spite to bring us all into the 21st Century? Doubtful that will happen, but anything is possible with this guy. I predict more kicking of the can and more problems for all of us as we try and navigate the for-profit minefield . . . all in the name of liberty. Ciao.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Machinery.

It looks as if the machinery is all in place. Yesterday the Supreme Court upheld a significant chunk of 45's travel ban, giving him legal approval to ban refugees from around the world from seeking asylum in the United States. Now this has long been sold as an extreme measure taken to prevent terrorist attacks here in the land of the free. But we all know it is xenophobia at its finest, red meat for his Nazi base who do not want anyone brown, black or tan to enter their sacred Reich. It is disgusting and it is profoundly disappointing that the highest court in the land seems to be lining up behind this insanity. Last time I checked the weather and crazy white people were the biggest threats to human life in America - along with every chain restaurant in the nation. All levity aside, this nation has gone deep into troubling waters and it will be hard to navigate back to shore. If overt racism and xenophobia are going to be the new "norms" then I am not sure how much longer I want to stay here. I realize that those base instincts are everywhere and have always existed, but the goal is to fight against them, not embrace them. At least that is what I think and what I try to instill in my children. It's a disturbing mess and anyone who is backing this tidal shift in our society is on the wrong side of whatever will be left of history . . . Ciao.