Sunday, January 20, 2019

Embrace That Hate.

Everyone with a news feed on their smart phone has seen the video of the Covington Catholic High School students from Kentucky openly mocking and intimidating Omaha elder Nathan Phillips. Phillips is a Native American Vet, a well known person who is at the forefront of Native American activism. A bunch of White Catholic assholes surrounded him and mocked him in DC and the video of the incident has gone viral. It is disturbing and disgusting to watch and the backlash has been intense. I hope those kids get expelled and have their futures taken away from them. But in America they could very well end up running a major corporation or get a job at the White House. Here's what disturbs me most about these very public and very egregious displays of hate: For every person caught on camera and shamed there are millions who are quietly minding their own business and thinking the exact same bullshit. America is filled with self-righteous White hate and that's how Trump came to be President. Trump is awful, but his supporters are even worse than he is. There is no way to reeducate or deprogram these people and they are out in the open. They will not go away after Trump is gone. They are part of the American landscape and that is why I will never have hope that this country will evolve past this point. We are stuck in negative feedback loops that are too powerful to stop. It's depressing as hell . . . Ciao.

Friday, January 18, 2019

True Crime.

There is a crisis at the border. It's not posed by gangs of violent rapists, serial murders and terrorists trying to break our national security and take over the country. It is posed by our own government. If you want to see a threat to humanity, look no further than the tent cities and detention centers where children have been taken from their parents and guardians in the name of "security." It is the most damning condemnation of America in the Trump era. Let's be clear, family separations and draconian deportation standards were around long before Trump took office. But he has made it toxic and worse than the policies is the fact that no solid infrastructure is in place when it comes to the human beings who have been detained. A new report by the Department of Health and Human Services indicates that thousands more children have been ripped from their families than previously reported and there is no accurate/adequate tracking system in place to keep tabs on them. The fact that they do not have names, numbers or ultimate destinations available indicates a lack of accountability that further indicates that America does not give a shit about these kids. It is abhorrent and unthinkable to accept that this is just the way it is when it comes to immigration policy in America. When our government officials cannot tell the world what happened to children at our Southern Border it is time to reexamine whether or not our government should be in charge of anything. At the moment I think it is time to hit the reset switch and start over. Previous administrations at least had a coherent set of policies in place - although they were far from perfect. Since the Trump "zero tolerance" bullshit began, it has been a free-for-all. The kind of madness usually reserved for war zones in failed states. There is no excuse and there should be zero tolerance of this kind of insanity. Yet, the Trump loyalists and supporters could give less of a shit about what happens to these kids and their parents.

That is true crime. Sitting by and watching it happen will be a stain upon every American when the history books are written. It is disgusting and inhuman. I have zero pride in America for a variety of reasons, but this is at the top of my list. Ciao.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Plain To See.

I know this is a subject that I have written about many times before, but it is a meta-issue that should have every human in America scratching their heads and demanding answers. How in the world can the financial markets be posting positive numbers when there are zero real-world economic indicators to back them up? Sure, the gains have been small for the past week or so, but they keep going up despite all of the economic news that should send the markets straight into the toilet. Years ago the disconnect began as rules and regulations changed allowing speculation to take on a life of its own. Value was no longer tied to the supply and demand considerations of the moment - future values became a "real" commodity despite the obvious reality that they are nothing more than guesses. I get all of that and despite the fact that this new paradigm was not sustainable, at least you wrap your head around the idea. That's what makes the current paradigm so frustrating. I cannot wrap my head around it. When you dig into the financial news the real reason that the Big Banks are turning a profit is because they are downsizing, the auto makers are making a profit because they are downsizing and the rest of the major players are also cutting corners to keep the cash flow going. That does not translate into a robust economy where Americans are looking at better financial opportunities. We are in a massive short game scenario where the major corporations are grabbing as much profit as they can quickly because the future isn't looking so bright. I think what is happening is plain to see. It's all a shell game, shuffling money around to eek out as much profit as they can for the 1% before the whole thing collapses. What baffles me is how long it keeps going. We should be deep into recession/depression already and that makes me wonder how bad the fall will be once it happens.

Or maybe the ruse will continue. Maybe they will keep the casino open forever. The old rules certainly no longer apply and we are in new territory. All I know is that I do not trust any of it and I sense a crater ahead - one we will not climb out of in my lifetime . . . Ciao.