Sunday, April 22, 2018

Lao Tzu.

Some Lao Tzu to kick off my week . . . Enjoy!

"The Great Tao is universal like a flood.

How can it be turned to the right or to the left?

All creatures depend on it,

And it denies nothing to anyone.

It does it's work,

But it makes no claims for itself.

It clothes and feeds all,

But it does not lord it over them:

Thus, it may be called "the Little."

All things return to it as to their home,

But it does not lord it over them:

Thus, it may be called "the Great."

It is just because it does not wish to be great

That its greatness is fully realized."


Saturday, April 21, 2018

The About Face.

As I read about North Korea's change of heart in more detail I am glad to see that many world leaders are skeptical about Kim Yong Un's sincerity. The underlying reason that most are pointing to is economic. If North Korea wants to be a major player in global affairs they have to move beyond nuclear threats and become part of the money making machinery that represents true power in this fucked up world of ours. Fortunately many are discussing the fact that nothing Yong Un says can be taken at face value and that any deals with North Korea are still a long way off. I discussed my own theories about what is going on earlier this week, but I have to repeat that something is just not right about any of it. There's something up and I guess we will all have to wait and see what will happen. I don't trust our own government anymore than North Korea's at this point, so it has been refreshing to see other nations casting their doubts into the mass media machine. Ciao.

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Real Deal.

As insane and bizarre as the Trump reign has been, the fact is that there is a cold calculating logic operating behind the scenes that has been highly effective. If you support the right of corporations to do whatever it takes to make a buck and damn the consequences, then this is the Presidency for you. Their greed and avarice knows no boundaries and it does not take much intellect to comprehend that profit is trumping all other considerations in the American paradigm. It is a cynical take on this tattered nation, but I contend that the groundwork for naked economic aggression has been laid since the founding of America and now it is reaching full fruition under Trump. A clear example is illustrated by America's new approach to arms sales. In the past human rights considerations restricted how much, what and who we sell our military hardware to. Now human rights will be a component of a broader policy designed to move as much merchandise as possible with the highest profit margins possible. Oh yeah! Damn the consequences indeed. The American war machine is open for business - for real this time - and as we sell our arsenal abroad it will be fascinating to see much of it turned against us in a few years. And the benefits of this policy will reward a handful of mega-corporations, just like all of the rest of the policies that the Trump GOP have cooked up and served over the past 16 months. And expect more of the same. They are going to take this as far as they can quickly, because the party may be over soon. But this is a party that started a long time ago. Some would say that it began after 9-11. I say that this trend towards undoing the FDR legacy began long before that.

If there is written history in the future, the remnants of human civilization will be able to pinpoint where it all went bad and America will be at the center of it. War, environmental rape, intractable social problems and the rest of our woes as a species are highlighted and exemplified by our nation. We are the same a China and Russia in that respect and dissident I will remain until my dying breath . . . Ciao.