Monday, August 20, 2018

The Border And Madness.

Most people have turned their backs on what is happening at the border detention facilities and that is another in a long run of serious mistakes. I understand that the news cycle is quick, intense and overwhelming, but the fact that kids are still being drugged, locked up and separated from their families is not something any of us can afford to look the other way on. Our government's treatment of these human beings is inexcusable and every bit as draconian as the awful shit "terrorist" organizations do to kids in far away lands that most people also like to ignore. Even if we are mostly powerless as this administration and its policies grind forward, we can still yell and scream about the injustice and keep demanding accountability. But, as with everything else, the American people are great at ignoring the awful and moving on with the pedestrian grind of daily life. It is clear that things have spiraled out of control when it comes to asylum seekers and immigration in general. The "law" is being enforced capriciously in this nation. You have people being locked up, detained and often removed from the US on minor charges, while our top government officials are not beholden to the law whatsoever (at least that's the way it seems.) There is no question that we are facing a serious crisis in this nation. Most American "folk" just seem content to let the cards fall where they may while high crimes are committed in the White House and people who have lived here, paid taxes and contribute to the economy are being swept up and thrown out without much recourse to the laws designed to hold a civil society together. And if all of that was not enough to astound and depress you have Rudy Giuliani out in front of the camera eye telling the American people that "truth is not truth" when it comes to Trump.

The bending and perversion of reality being carried out by Trump, his minions and those who control his own strings is truly mind blowing. But it is the new normal. Like it or not, normalization is fully entrenched and ending the madness cannot come from the top down. We cannot expect that Mueller will end it for us. At some point we have to rise up and cut the head off of this mess ourselves. Or just leave in disgust . . . which is on my table as an option. Ciao.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Lao Tzu.

An old chestnut from the Master . . . Enjoy!

"He who knows does not speak.

He who speaks does not know.

Block all the passages!

Shut all the doors!

Blunt all edges!

Untie all tangles!

Harmonize all lights!

Unite the world into one whole!

This is called the Mystical Whole,

Which you cannot court after nor shun,

Benefit nor harm, honor nor humble.

Therefore, it is the Highest of the world."


Saturday, August 18, 2018

What's Going To Happen?

I fear that it will just continue to be more of the same. Trump's outrageousness, our moral indignation, Trumpy support for awful policies and a general decay of America's infrastructure/paradigm. We are already on a collision course with the environment and that path is set. The odds of who will survive and the quality of that survival are really the only questions left to ask, because the paradigm is not going to change and no matter what we do as individuals the corporations will continue to bleed the planet dry. Happy weekend everyone! Ciao.