Thursday, June 21, 2018

On The Blade.

I have very few people in my social media feed who are outright supporters of the President - most are not forthright about it - yet, I find it intriguing that many people are still dancing on the razor's edge when it comes to critical issues. Many are unable to just come out and say that Trump is a fascist piece of shit and that America is a broken experiment. Is our national pride so ingrained by social conditioning that citizens cannot see beyond the lies they have been fed their entire lives? Far too many people who do not support Trump and the GOP are still clinging to this idea that America is an exceptional place, a place better than the rest of the world despite all of its flaws. I would think that there is a point where you have to call it and wake up to the glaring fact that this nation has never stood for freedom and justice for all. America has always wrestled with its mission statements. On paper it can look pretty good, but once you look at the actuality of its history it is a trail of tears. It is a series of events that reveal the dark underbelly of human endeavor. Always for profit, always vilifying the "other" and staunchly entrenched in a White Christian paradigm that cannot be shaken. Lou Reed summed it up once: "Give us you poor, tired and weak - let's piss on them - that's what the statue of bigotry says." Not a perfect summation, but closer to the truth than most us are willing to admit. Thanks to our economic engines equality is a joke, just ask the majority of Americans who live at the bottom of the pyramid. Yet, the dreams that are sold to us all as we grow up are strong and somehow those illusions keep people from rebelling. They keep them from seeing the truth and embracing the logic and reason necessary to overcome them. It is a propaganda boon for those who are in power and have always been in power. America is a giant corporation and there is no denying that the interests of the few are far more important than our paltry concerns about equality and justice for the masses.

And as we dance on the blade we get cut and we squander our opportunities to make a difference by toppling those at the top and making good on the empty words we are fed from birth. It is a sad reality and I have no idea how to awaken people to the truth. So I write into the void and try to keep myself together through the chaos. It's the best I can do for now, but it pains me to see so many who still have faith in this rotten paradigm. Ciao.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


I read an op-ed the other day that brought a lot of things into focus for me. The gist was this: After WW2 America was seen as having two choices on the international stage. One was to return to isolationism while maintaining key ties to allies and the other was to be the world's protector of liberal/humane ideologies and fight against inequity. Over the last 73 years we have toggled between those two paths, more often than not landing in the role of protector, even if it was not to our benefit to do so. But now there is a third path, an amoral path, that Trump has taken us down. That third path is the blind pursuit of personal gain with zero regard for history or consequences. The third path entails doing business with dictators and abandoning our allies as long as the money is right. It is a chilling realty we now face and one that has never been posited before, because we never had leadership like this before. In Trump's America it is alright to lock up babies, children and teens to win an ego driven racist pissing match. It is also fine to ditch human rights altogether and side with another amoral nation, Israel. Yesterday the United States of America withdrew from the UN Human Right's Council. The powers that be have decided that even pretending to defend human rights is too much of a burden as America is facing its own crisis when it comes to how best to treat human beings. So we are free to be as brutal and despotic as Israel, Russia, China and North Korea - at least that is the way it appears and feels to me. Now the naked grab for cash can come without any sense of social contract or moral high ground. America is sinking into the depths of authoritarianism and these bastards at the wheel will go wherever they have to to keep themselves, their lackeys and their masters flush with cash.

It is fresh read meat for the racist scum that populate this nation. They can be as awful as they want, stockpiling their guns, brutalizing their neighbors, ignoring codes of conduct and forcing their White Conservative Christian bullshit on everyone else. I hate this country because it has no moral compass and is all knee-jerk selfishness focused on short term gains for the "right" people. Fuck America and its silence, weakness and amorality. Ciao.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The True Goal.

Over the past few years something has become quite clear to me. The powers that be are rapidly abandoning all facades and are revealing what the world really means to them. It is all about their personal benefit and they use the mechanisms of government, law and social control to achieve their aims. Providing a benevolent paradigm for the masses to exist within used to be the key to their success. But the paradigm has shifted and now social safety nets are being cut, longstanding diplomatic understandings are being scrapped and the world order is being reshaped purely for the financial gain of the 1%. America is one giant nine volt battery for the rich and they are counting on keeping us preoccupied with divisive social issues so that they can finish robbing the store. Take the Tax Legislation that was passed last year. A huge windfall for the super rich and crumbs for the rest. One of the law's big selling points was that it would discourage offshoring of corporate dollars that would be brought back to America and help feed the system. Turns out that the new code actually encourages corporations to park their money overseas. The overall corporate tax rate has been slashed, but so has the rate on overseas profits. Now the tax rate on those monies is as low as 10%. So it is another big giveaway that encourages corporations to report and park money outside of the US where the going rate is 21%. And that is the goal. Major companies are the only beneficiaries of the new tax code and the less money they pay into the system the less revenue there is for the Federal Budget. When there is less money coming into the coffers the first things to be cut are social welfare programs that average citizens depend upon in their time of need. We all pay into the system so that if we need it to help us out it is there for us. That is the entire idea of having a government and a social contract that is mutually beneficial.

But that's not what America is about. It is about keeping the rich on an upward trajectory while the rest of us rot. It is a means to an end for the 1% and none of our lives, problems or struggles ultimately mean a fucking thing to them. And that is the true goal and now it is naked and writhing in front of us each and every day. Ciao.